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Welcome to Beeuty Yourself, The home of Laser Hair Removal. Based in Salford, in Manchester we offer multiple treatments, such as Million Dollar Facials, Miconeedling, and Waxing & Tinting, the most popular being Laser hair removal. Our honest and friendly approach has allowed the business to successfully grow and gain some amazing feedback and 5-STAR, reviews and testimonials. If you’re interested in Hair Removal and have any questions, please feel free to get in contact and book a consultation.  

The Million Dollar Facial Treatment is a luxurious facial where science meets indulgence and it is taking the United Kingdom by storm due to its incredible and long-lasting results. We work your skin leaving you with a smooth and glowing complexion. 

We work the skin to stimulate natural collagen and cell turnover to minimise fine lines and wrinkles and reduce scarring as the skin rejuvenates itself. It’s great for acne scarring.


A luxurious facial where science meets indulgence.

Working your skin from the outside in, this treatment has been designed to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and remove nonterminal hair, polish the skin, flush toxins, and increase and stimulate our natural collagen and cell turnover. This method will heavily increase the absorption of any active ingredients by 80% as opposed to 8%, therefore we use our Million Dollar mask for maximum results.

Our Million-dollar facial treatment is a 10-step unique protocol which includes dermaplaning, skin needling and lymphatic drainage massage. The Million Dollar facial like all of our Million Dollar protocols is performed with our Million Dollar professional range of specifically designed, clinically proven and protected products. – Looking for the best Million Dollar Facials Manchester has to offer, look no further.

It is the epitome of luxury with MILLION DOLLAR© results.


A course of 4 to 6 is advised. One session every 4 to 6 weeks for maximum and lasting results. Million Dollar Medi+ cosmeceutical range of products should be used pre-post and in-between treatments to enhance, maintain and deliver ongoing and lasting results.

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(excludes Dermaplaning and Microneedling)

A perfect introduction to the Million Dollar Facial and all of its benefits, your client will receive a full skin analysis from a Platinum Technician and receive a bespoke skincare plan. The Platinum Technician will also teach you how to take care of your skin at home. This is a fantastic facial for setting a treatment plan for you and for those contraindicated to Million Dollar Facial treatments, for example, medication. – Suitable for 16+

Million Dollar Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation cosmetic procedure that gently abrades the top layers of the skin using a surgical blade with our industry leading Million Dollar professional skin care products. The procedure aims to increase the absorption of skincare /topical products and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment stimulates collagen synthesis and creates a healthy glow and a radiant complexion.

Dermaplane aims to make your skins surface smooth, youthful and radiant. It is also used to remove “peach fuzz” the short soft vellus nonterminal hair from your face. Dermaplaning removes up to 3 x times more dead skin cells than a microdermabrasion treatment.

The aim of our Million Dollar micro needling treatment is to traumatise the skin without collateral damage to the epidermis and healthy skin tissue. The recovery is rapid, with little downtime, pain or discomfort.

Million Dollar micro needling is used to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues.

Working with our bespoke products with full clinical evidence the products and treatment combined are a real powerhouse for results.

Glow Superfacial

A luxurious facial combining Million Dollar Vit c10 and the Million Dollar Ice globes.

Million Dollar Superfacial Vit C10 is a powerful antioxidant containing L-ascorbic acid at 10%, which has been clinically proven to help clear free radicals caused by ageing, lifestyle and pollution. These free radicals also damage small blood vessels which carry vital nutrients to the skin.

Using Million Dollar Superfacial VitC10 will help fight these radicals, improve blood flow to the skin to preserve collagen, leaving skin looking more radiant and your complexion more youthful.
Million Dollar Ice globes are combined within this treatment.


A powerful, high concentration of 15 % hyaluronic acid. A humectant to attract moisture from the blood vessels into the skin.

Suitable for use on all skin types, the serum absorbs quickly to hydrate and keep skin supple. The active serum will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst promoting an even skin tone and a youthful complexion. Optimal skin hydration helps to heal and sooth inflammation.

The products will help to increase the flow of nutrients between cells and helps to flush out toxins for a healthier complexion.

The key features of the ICE GLOBES:

The ground-breaking facial mask packed with clinically proven ingredients. The multi-functional treatment designed to work miracles in one session. Leaving skin tighter, firmer and brighter.

Using the latest in peptide technology, this Miracle Mask has the unique ability to create micro circulation, promote collagen and elastin and stimulate detoxification. Thus, instantly energising the skin giving your client that red carpet look 72 hours before any big event in their social calendar.

We love it so much we wanted to develop a facial mask to help us to look and feel a Million Dollars every day…So this works fantastic when we incorporate it as a weekly treatment. Immediate results last up to 7 days with post ongoing results when used alongside weekly treatments. A course of 4-6 treatments will see the full benefit of optimum, lasting results.

The magic of the Miracle Mask shows the peptides and antioxidants to tighten and firm the skin. The formula stimulates plasma into the deeper levels of the skin in order to enhance cellular renewal. By helping to promote Keratinocytes, collagen and elastin, the skin can remove impurities and provide a youthful appearance.

Million Dollar Body system has been designed to combine the science behind our Microneedling method with our clinically proven products to give solutions for a variety of issues such as stretchmarks, cellulite and scarring. Our system targets these issues and a full consultation and skin plan will be given from your platinum technician.

If you are determined to get rid of your stretch marks and cellulite for good and considering treatment options, you may consider The Million Dollar Body Treatment.

Microneedling, also referred to as skin needling or collagen induction therapy, is a process where a professional therapist runs a tool over the stretch mark area. By creating minor injuries where skin has been damaged, Microneedling encourages your body to repair damaged skin through increased production of collagen and elastin.

Is it Effective?
Stretch marks are scars that form in the middle layer of skin, like scars from injuries they do not go away on their own. While they may fade over time, getting rid of stretch marks requires undergoing a treatment that can penetrate the top layer of skin and effect the middle layer of skin where stretch mark scars form.

Combining our Million Dollar technique with our clinically backed Million Dollar body products are a powerhouse for results


Million Dollar Hair Rejuvenation – 45 Minutes

Million Dollar hair is a treatment suitable for all. It utilises the method of micro needling to stimulate the hair follicles, causing them to regenerate. Included in our protocol is our Million Dollar professional hair serum which has clinically proven ingredients. Many people will benefit from the results of this treatment.

There can be many reasons why your hair can start to gradually thin one being medication or age and a lot of people see fantastic result. Many clients are suitable for weekly sessions.

Block bookings are advised.

Million Dollar Hand Rejuvenation – 45 Minutes

Our hands take a beating every day and carry a surprising amount of tension. The Million Dollar Hand Rejuvenation treatment combines massage, to release the stress and tension and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, whilst using our unique products and techniques to target ageing, pigmented and dehydrated skin.

Million Dollar Bacial – 45 minutes

Maintaining your skins health is not only about keeping your face clear and glowing. Baring a bumpy back can be stressful. Our Million Dollar Bacial can help your skin glow all over. Back facials can be beneficial in cleansing those hard to reach areas, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin.


What is Dermaplaining?

Dermaplaining, offered at Beeuty Yourself in Manchester, is an advanced exfoliation procedure that employs a sterile scalpel to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair, commonly known as peach fuss. This treatment instantly rejuvenates the skin, making it softer and smoother. At Beeuty Yourself, we believe that Dermaplaining is more than just an exfoliation method—it’s a way to redefine skin’s natural beauty by enhancing its clarity and texture.

How does Dermaplaining differ from other facial exfoliation techniques?

Dermaplaining, as expertly executed at Beeuty Yourself in Manchester, stands out among exfoliation methods for its precision and efficacy. While other techniques might rely on chemicals or abrasive materials, Dermaplaining provides a physical exfoliation that’s gentle on the skin. Furthermore, by targeting and removing vellus hair, it offers an additional benefit that most exfoliation methods miss. Our clients often find their skin not only smoother but also more responsive to skincare products post-treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Dermaplaining?

Almost anyone seeking to improve their skin’s luminosity and texture is a candidate for Dermaplaining at Beeuty Yourself. Especially beneficial for those looking to remove peach fuss and dead skin, it results in a flawless foundation for makeup application. We take pride in our comprehensive consultation process in Manchester. This ensures that every individual’s unique skin needs are addressed, and the best-suited treatments are recommended.

Are there any skin types or conditions that should avoid Dermaplaining?

Dermaplaining at Beeuty Yourself caters to most skin types. However, it’s essential to note that individuals with active breakouts or certain skin conditions may need to delay the treatment. While Dermaplaining is lauded for its gentle nature, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our Manchester clientele. Each client undergoes a thorough skin assessment, ensuring the procedure meets their unique requirements.

Does Dermaplaining hurt?

Clients often describe Dermaplaining at Beeuty Yourself as a refreshing experience. The gentle scraping sensation, likened to a butter knife moving across the skin, is not painful. Our seasoned professionals in Manchester prioritise client comfort, ensuring that the procedure is both effective and enjoyable. Post-treatment, clients often express delight at their rejuvenated, radiant complexion.

How long does a Dermaplaining session last?

While the procedure’s duration can vary based on individual needs, a typical session at Beeuty Yourself lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. Our Manchester-based aestheticians ensure every inch of the facial skin is addressed, leading to comprehensive results. Many clients find the session to be a relaxing respite, resulting in brighter, refreshed skin. If you’re looking for the best Dermaplaining Manchester has to offer, then look no further than Beeuty Yourself.

How often should I get Dermaplaining treatments?

At Beeuty Yourself, our professional guidance for Manchester clients usually recommends intervals of 3-4 weeks between Dermaplaining sessions. This spacing aligns with the skin’s natural regeneration process. Regular treatments ensure consistent exfoliation, aiding in the maintenance of a smooth, glowing complexion.

Will my facial hair grow back thicker or darker after Dermaplaining?

This is a common concern addressed by our experts at Beeuty Yourself. Contrary to some misconceptions, Dermaplaining does not cause hair to grow back thicker or darker. Vellus hair returns with its original texture and color. Our Manchester clients are often relieved to learn this, knowing that the treatment’s effects are solely beneficial.

What are the immediate side effects of Dermaplaining?

Clients at Beeuty Yourself may notice slight redness post-Dermaplaining. However, this is temporary and usually subsides within a few hours. Our trained professionals in Manchester are adept at ensuring the procedure is performed with the utmost care, reducing potential side effects. As always, aftercare guidance is provided to ensure optimal results and skin health.

How should I care for my skin after a Dermaplaining treatment?

Clients at Beeuty Yourself may notice slight redness post-Dermaplaining. However, this is temporary and usually subsides within a few hours. Our trained professionals in Manchester are adept at ensuring the procedure is performed with the utmost care, reducing potential side effects. As always, aftercare guidance is provided to ensure optimal results and skin health.

Can I wear makeup after Dermaplaining?

Your skin will indeed be primed for a flawless makeup application post-Dermaplaining. However, at Beeuty Yourself, we suggest a 24-hour hiatus before applying makeup. This pause allows the skin to recover fully, ensuring its health and reducing potential irritations.

Are there any risks or potential complications associated with Dermaplaining?

Dermaplaining, when performed by seasoned professionals like those at Beeuty Yourself in Manchester, is a safe and effective procedure. Minor risks include slight redness or potential nicks. However, our team’s expertise ensures these risks are minimised. Clients are given detailed guidance on aftercare, which further ensures a risk-free experience and optimal results.

How does Dermaplaining affect the application of skincare products?

Post-Dermaplaining at Beeuty Yourself, your skin becomes more receptive to skincare products. The removal of the top dead skin layer allows for better penetration of serums and moisturisers. Many Manchester clients find that their skincare routines become more effective post-treatment, with products offering enhanced benefits.

Is Dermaplaining safe for pregnant or nursing women?

Being a chemical-free exfoliation method, Dermaplaining is generally safe for pregnant or nursing women. However, at Beeuty Yourself in Manchester, we always prioritise individual consultations. Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can affect skin sensitivity, so it’s essential to discuss any concerns with our professionals before the treatment.

How much does a Dermaplaining treatment typically cost?

The cost of a Dermaplaining session can vary based on individual requirements and any additional services. For the most accurate pricing and to discuss personalised packages, we warmly invite potential clients to connect with Beeuty Yourself directly in Manchester.